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3-on-3 Girls only league

3 on 3 basketball league developed to give players a chance to learn the game and showcase their skills against other talent.  This league will attract players from all over the city.  The players will be coached and mentored from Women that currently/previously played the game to serve as role models.  

Why 3 on 3

Our 3 on 3 format will help players increase their basketball IQ, as they have to react to game situations much faster than in a 5 on 5 game.   With 3 players on the floor there will be more room for players to develop offensively.  On the defensive side, players will learn to play man to man defense with less help.

More offensive touches per player

Understanding of court spacing

Improved decision making

Play without the ball and setting screens


Prior to each game the girls will participate in a fundamental skills clinic, followed by the league game

Each team will be comprised of 4 players (3 players and 1 sub)

1st possession will be determined by coin toss. Team that wins the toss will decide if they want to play offense of defense first. 

Each basket scored will result in alternating possessions

Shooting fouls will be awarded with 1 free-throw

If on the 6th foul for the player will result in a technical resulting in 1 free-throw and the ball

The games will consist of 2 halfs of 15 minutes (or first team to 21)

Playing Time will be equal with subs every 2 minutes of each half

Players must clear the ball if there is change of possession by dribbling or passing the ball behind 3 point line

If officials determine players are holding the ball as to run out the clock a 10 second warning will be given

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Many young players when they express interest in playing basketball their first experience is in a 5 on 5 game.  Often time players do not learn the terminology of the court, such as free-throw line, baseline, sideline and such.  3 on 3 simplifies the game for a better understanding of skills and concepts.  

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